21 Day Fix: Is this program right for you?

Apparently, the fitness market is flooded with many programs, all promising quick and easy results. Regrettably, only a few of these programs live up to their promise. The others are simply after your hard-money, and they don’t mind whether you get fit or not. To be honest, nobody anticipates an ineffective program—it’s only that people get into these programs by mistake. Perhaps these hard facts are already scaring you. But we have to call a spade a spade, many of these programs don’t work!

21 day fix package

So, how are going to identify whether a program is valuable or not? Well, the surest way to do this is to go for a program that has been proved to work. The 21 Day Fix is one such program, and it guarantees you a beach-ready body in just twenty-one days. Incredible! If you have ever been duped into a program before that never worked, the chances are that you are already thinking that the 21 day fix program is a scam—this is forgivable, once bitten twice shy! In this detailed review, you are going to learn why the 21 day fix is an incredible program. Read on.

The 21 Day Fix Fitness Program

This program by autumn calabrese is a three weeks workout hence the name 21 day fix. Each of these workouts usually lasts for thirty minutes, and they have been proved to deliver a massive calorie burn. This program has six workouts found on two separate DVDs, and in addition to making you physically fit, it equips you with skills on how to eat healthy. It also give you tips on how to make exercise part of your daily routine. If you are a beginner or you are struggling to eat healthy, then this program is meant for you.

During week one and two, you are going to do one workout every day. For the last week, you can do two workouts per day—there’s no harm. If you think these workouts are difficult, then you are mistaken. The truth is, the workouts are simple, exciting, inspiring, and well-crafted. Below are six workouts that you will do if you choose this program:

· Total Body Cardio Fix- Total Body Cardio Fix elevates your heart rate. It also increases your body metabolism, guaranteeing you optimum weight loss.

· Cardio Fix- This workout much resembles the Total Body Cardio Fix, and it guarantees you good results.

· Lower Fix- This workout targets your butt, thighs, and calves.

· Upper Fix- This workout targets your chest, abs, back, and shoulders.

· Pilates Fix- This workout elongates and strengthen your core. It also tightens your butt, thighs, and hips.

· Yoga Fix- This workout tones and relaxes your muscles, while improving flexibility.

The 21 Day Fix Eating Plan

The 21 Day Fix features a nutritional program that uses a system of portion control. For the sake of clarity, this program is not a diet! In fact, it is nothing even close to it. This nutritional program, therefore, will not need to you to count calories. To help you ascertain the ideal portions for your meals, the Portion Control System has a Shakeology Shaker Cup and color-coded containers. You are free to eat it provided it fits in the container.

Meal Plan Facts

1. Before you even think of delving into the nutritional plan, you need to ascertain what your target calories are. This amount will largely depend on your current weight.

2. Once you have ascertained your target calories, use the container table to identify the amount that you will be allocated on a daily basis.

There is no doubt that the portion control system help us to develop healthy eating habits. With this system, there is absolutely no need to use restrictive methods. What’s more, you have absolute control over the number of meals that you can have in a day. And while you a free to drink plenty of water, this should not extend to tea and coffee—coffee and tea are to be taken in moderation.

In case you are constantly hit by hunger pangs, consider adding a bonus green container as it will not overeat veggies. Concerning alcohol, there are many uncertainties regarding their consumption. So, what is the ideal amount to consume? Well, while you are free to drink alcohol up to three times a week, it is highly recommended that you avoid it as it can alter with the final results. Give your body a chance to get awesome results in 21 days with 21 Day Fix Program.


· You can complete it in just 21 days

· It puts more emphasis on portion control system

· You don’t have to count your calories.

· The program has built in treat cups

· You can eat whatever you want provided you stay within your allowance of cups

· This program is popular, and thus, you can always find meal ideas on Pinterest.

· Shakeology is a great meal

· You can conveniently do the workout videos at the comfort of your home.


· Let’s us be frank- the price. This program is not for the financially “incapacitated”, sorry for the choice of words. Honestly, it is not easy to get started with this program. It is even worse if you need to continue drinking the shakes after twenty-one days because you have to buy more Shakeology.

· Meal planning and preparation. If you don’t plan your meals and snacks in advance, you may get stuck somewhere with nothing good to eat. While it can take you a considerable amount time to learn to plan and prepare meals, when you finally master it, that’s it.

· You may be forced to use multiple pans to prepare food, and this is not a good idea, especially if you are hungry.

21 Day Fix Review Conclusion

Whether you are preparing yourself for an upcoming event or you are trying to shed some few pounds, 21 Day Fix Program is all you need. This program has been designed with all fitness levels in mind. If you think that there is no program that can inspire, then you haven’t tried out the 21 Day Fix. This program is incredible to say the least. One last thing; you don’t have to be a veteran to use the program—it’s simple to follow, fun, and it has worked wonders for different types of people. It’s now your turn, try out the 21 day fix.