7 Signs and Symptoms of Poor Nutrition

Due to the chaos of everyday life, staying on top of the nutritional changes that appear in our lives becomes quite difficult. According to scientific evidence, the main cause of so many health-related problems and even mortality is a poor diet.

As a result, the body tries to send us certain signals to make us realize that we have a poor nutrition. However, most of us are unaware of the main symptoms of a bad nutrition, so we keep living our lives thinking that this is the normal way to live. Yet, you do not have to live this way.


The problem is that trying certain diets might not help you as you would have expected. Instead, most fad diets would not lead to long-term lifestyle changes and would certainly prevent you from living each day at its fullest. Fortunately, even though the signs and symptoms of a poor nutrition do not appear overnight, they are quite obvious even from the start.

Once you discover a few symptoms of poor nutrition in your life, it will be easy for you to assess your wellbeing and make permanent changes in your diet. Here are 7 of the most common signs of a precarious diet, together with some practical steps you can do to reverse them.

1. Unexplained Fatigue

If you feel tired all day long, even if you get enough sleep, you just stumbled across a common sign of an inadequate nutrition. Fatigue is usually triggered by iron deficiency, but can also be caused by depression, heart disease and thyroid disease. To fight fatigue, you should probably start eating more natural foods rich in iron, such as poultry, beans, pork, spinach, apricots, raisins and peas.

2. Unhealthy Hair Follicles

If you notice that your hair is not as healthy as it used to be, you need to think of more than just your shampoo. The cause might be the lack of Vitamins A, C, D and E. Additionally, you might lack important antioxidants such as tocophernol, carotenoids and flavonoids. Zinc, iron and Vitamin C are also associated with hair thinning and hair loss.

3. Premature Aging

Another clear sign of an unhealthy diet is premature aging. While aging is an inevitable process, you must understand that an unhealthy diet can lead to an increased aging process. Try consuming a wide variety of fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin D and E in order to reverse aging.

4. Excessive Weight Gain

According to the latest stats, over 35% of Americans struggle with obesity. The risk of becoming overweight is extremely high, especially as pre-processed foods, snacks, fast-foods, cakes and sugar-rich foods are becoming increasingly popular. Excessive and unintentional weight gain means that your diet is quite heavy on empty calories. Most of these calories can be found in sodas and junk food, and they have a tendency to get you pack on extra pounds without providing enough nutritional value.

The solution is simple: cook more, eat more fruits & vegetables and try to cut sugar levels at a minimum.

5. Oral Problems

Inflammations or swellings at the corners of your mouth, together with a swollen tongue, can be clear signs of an improper diet. If that’s the case, you lack Vitamin B complexes and iron. To treat any type of oral problem you deal with, start by eating nutrient-rich foods that promote a healthy lifestyle.

Some of the best foods you can eat in this case include green beans, avocados, broccoli, eggs, mushrooms, lean meat fish, grains and bananas.

6. Digestive Discomfort

This is another clear sign that something is not good with your diet. Both constipation and diarrhea can surface as a direct result of a poor diet. According to a recent article, soluble fiber has the ability to increase the feeling of satiety in your stomach and promote a healthy stool. If you are suffering from digestive discomfort, make sure to consume more whole grains such as oats and brown rice. Additionally, enjoy more seeds, nuts and walnuts.

7. You are Grumpy & Hungry all the Time

Ultimately, if you feel like you’ve never had enough and your mood is affected by the food you eat, it is probably time to change your diet. Eat healthier and you will definitely feel better.

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