Top 3 Shakeology Alternatives

Shakeology is one of the few successful supplement programs that have enjoyed massive marketing in the fitness industry. It is one among the top five meal replacements shakes. It isn’t just an ordinary product but instead one that boasts multi-functional purposes and benefits. Despite the fact that Shakeology boasts many positives, it can be quite expensive for some people.

It costs $129.95 on Amazon for 30 servings. This means each serving costs approximately $4.33, which is quite expensive compared to other brands. Fortunately, there are quite a number of Shakeology alternatives that are far less marketed but boast similar benefits. Below are three different substitutes that you can pick just in case you are looking for something different:

i) Garden of Life Raw Vegan Meal Replacement

Garden of Life is one among my favorite all-natural plant-based meal replacement supplements. Considering the fact that the supplement doesn’t “taste sweet” neither does it mix easily like Shakeology, it’s only fair to admit that it isn’t for everyone. It is a non-GMO product that has been certified by USDA and contains no gluten nor dairy. It has no additives, artificial flavoring or other “fillers”. It provides 20 grams of raw, organic plant-based protein per serving and has probiotics and enzymes that play an instrumental role when it comes to cleansing the digestive system. With an average of 4 stars on Amazon, this product costs only $36.90 for 28 servings.

Garden of life is a combination of sprouted brown rice protein base with all-organic Amaranth Sprout, Millet, Quinoa, Buckwheat, Grabanzo Bean, Adzuki Bean, Lentil Flax Seed, Coconut Blend, Chia Seed, Sesame Seed, Spirulina, Pumpkin Seed, Alfalfa, Wheat Grass, Barley Grass, Cherry, Blueberry, Blackberry and Raspberry among other raw enzymes. Garden of Life Raw also has 34 grams of protein, which is twice the amount contained in Shakeology. This supplement is ideal for anyone serious about losing weight due to the high amount of protein it contains.

ii) Vega One Meal Replacement Shake

This is another completely plant-based supplement, and has no dairy. This is great for a number of reasons, but mainly because in most cases you’re more likely to have dairy present in your daily diet. Therefore, it’s great to mix things up. Furthermore, plant-based supplements aid in digestion and help cleanse the dietary tract. Contrary to universal perception that vegan supplements contain less protein, Vega One has 20 grams of plant protein per serving, which is 3 grams more than that contained in Shakeology. Secondly, it has 160 calories (same amount as Shakeology) as well as less sodium and saturated fat than Shakeology.

Another thing worth noting is that one serving of Vega One contains 7 fewer carbs than Shakeology, the same amount of fiber and at least 5 grams less of sugar. Vega One also has more antioxidants compared to Shakeology. Based on its glowing reputation, most people might assume that the product is expensive. A container of 20 servings costs just over $50, which translates to approximately $2.6 per servings. This is far less than the cost of one serving of Shakeology ($4.33).

iii) Orgain Organic Plant-Based Protein

This is an ideal option for those who are sensitive when it comes to taste and texture. It comes in a vanilla bean or creamy fudge flavor, both being highly mixable and boasting great taste. This product threads the needle with its amazingly smooth taste and simple but quality ingredients. Although Orgain Organic Protein doesn’t have the extra superfoods like Vega One and Shakeology, it does have something worth noting; a solid nutritional foundation. The protein blend is a combination of plant-based sources, hemp protein, pea protein and sprouted chia seed protein. Every serving of Orgain Organic Protein as 21 grams of protein, which is 4 grams more than the amount you get from Shakeology. Orgain Organic Protein has no added sugar, with each serving containing 125mg of sodium and 150 calories.


Despite the fact that Shakeology is a great meal replacement shakes, there are quite a number of worthy alternatives out there. As noted above, some of the alternatives are much better than Shakeology in one way or another. That said, if you’re an avid fan of Shakeology, I bet it will be great if you go out of your way and try out something new. Choose one of the three alternatives above and you will most likely find them worth your hard-earned money.

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