A Comprehensive Guide to Protein Powders

Today we debunk the common myth that protein powders are only suitable for hardcore athletes and beefy guys at the gym. This is a beginners guide to protein powder that is meant to eliminate confusing science jargon as well as give you a comprehensive rundown on everything you need to know. For most people, implementing nutritional supplements into their diet isn’t just quite scary but complicated too, especially if one is a beginner. That’s why debunking the common myths associated with these shakes is very important.

Guide to Protein Powders

What are protein powders and who uses them?

Protein powders come in various forms, with the three most common ones being soy, whey and casein. People often incorporate the into their diet for different reasons. Those on a regular workout regime can use protein shakes, especially if they are eager to burn fat or build muscle. Furthermore, those who want to amp their workout regime up a notch can also use the. There are vegans who use protein powder as a nutritious supplement while those recovering from an injury find them very useful too.

What are their health benefits?

Protein powders contain protein, which breaks down into amino acids, aiding in muscle growth and repair. Furthermore, they help preserve lean muscle tissue when one is losing fat. Considering the importance of protein, it is important to consume sufficient amount each day for muscle growth. However, if you can’t get enough protein from natural foods, these supplements will come in handy. It is worth noting that those who exercise on a regular basis have higher requirements compared to those who don’t.

Can they make you fat?

Most people confuse “weight gainer” powders with protein powders, with the former being a product that aides bulking and can as well lead to weight gain if it’s used incorrectly. The best thing one should do is to check the ingredients label before making a purchase. How then do you differentiate between the two? Weight gainer have higher carbohydrate and fat content compared to protein supplements, which have just a small amount of flavorings and sweeteners.

What are some of the common myths associated with these supplements?

One common misconception about protein powders is that most people believe that they should be used immediately after a workout. However, it is not advisable to drink a shake immediately after your workout because it can interrupt with your body’s natural repair process. Therefore, you can have a shower and some snacks before taking your dose. Alternatively, you can add it to your breakfast shake.

When is the right time to use them?

There’s no specific time to use protein powders. For instance, if you’re pregnant and the amount of protein you get from natural foods isn’t enough, using them is a good alternative. Most experts recommend that you choose one with the least amount of ingredients while avoiding the ones with added sweeteners, caffeine, vitamins and fillers. Additionally, you ought to consult your physician in case you’ve health conditions such as renal failure and diabetes.

How much protein does your body need?

If you’re not getting enough protein from natural foods yet you do vigorous exercise, your muscles will not have enough of what it needs to recover. To aid muscle building, it’s recommended that one takes approximately 0.7 grams of protein per pound of body weight a day. Those with a BMI above 30 need to base their goals on their lean mass, that is body weight less fat mass.

How does one consume them?

The easiest way to consume protein powders is through a shake or smoothie. You can as well add fruits, milk, peanut butter or frozen bananas. Alternatively, you can add it into porridge, yogurt or cottage cheese.


Protein powders play an instrumental role in our bodies, especially for those who engage in vigorous exercises on a regular basis. That said, I bet you’re now more informed about the same and how best to benefit from them. There are different brands in the market today, each selling at a different price. All you need to do is choose the one that you think suits you best.

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