Five Great 21 Day Fix Recipes

If you are already into the 21 Day Fix Program, the chances are that you are looking for exceptional recipes that have been 100% 21 Day Fix-approved. There is also a possibility that you are on the verge of giving up your search. Listen, you don’t have to give up yet—you need to know the approved recipes as they will help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals. Here are 21 Day Fix recipes that have been approved:


1. Breakfast approved recipes

No matter how much you are committed to a workout program, you need to come up with new and healthy habits. And while it is true that you may feel reluctant at some point, you should not afford to miss breakfast. Most people, in an effort to get physically fit quickly, think that it is good to skip a meal or two. Far from it! The truth is, skipping a meal is a bad idea, and it can have serious implications on your overall health as well as your ability to better your physique. Below are approved breakfast recipes that you can take when you are into the 21 Day Fix Program:

· Egg sandwich

· Lemon Ricotta pancakes

· Banana Quinoa Waffles

2. Snack approved recipes

The foods that you consume defines you, apparently. So, it is just prudent that you only eat healthy foods. It is a fact; people rarely find time to eat wholesome meals, and this can be attributed to the peoples’ busy schedules. This is why it is important that you eat healthy snacks when you have time. Here are some healthy snack approved recipes that you can eat:

· Homemade apple chips

· Fruity Quesadillas

· Roasted chickpeas

· Yogurt smoothie

· Meal replacement shake

3. Lunch recipes

The 21 Day Fix is a lot easier when you know what you are up to. It is even easier when you know exactly what you will be eating ahead of time. And while you may have unlimited options to choose from, you may find it quite hard to figure out what you will have for lunch. Here are some approved lunch recipes you may consider if you are following the 21 Day Fix Program:

· Veggie burger

· Tofu Parmigiana

· The spicy Moroccan Chicken Skewers

4. Approved dinner recipes

Dinner is undeniably the greatest meal of the day, especially because everyone settles down, unwind, and enjoy a meal together. If you are following the 21 Day Fix program, you are interested in achieving great results more than anything else. Here are some great dinner recipes that won’t let you down:

· Clams casino

· Fresh steak salad together with lemon walnut vinaigrette.

· Steamed fish together with onion and ginger.

5. Approved dessert recipes

The 21 Day Fix Fitness Program helps both men and women alike reach their fitness and diet goals. If you are into this program and you need to eat delicious foods without breaking your diet rules, here are some dessert recipes you should consider:

· Peanut butter cups

· Baked apples

· Frozen banana bites

The 21 Day Fix Program plays an important role in helping you achieve your diet goals, not to mention that fact that it comes in handy when you need to achieve lean muscles. If you are to achieve great results with this program, consider eating the above food recipes.

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