21 Day Fix Approved Foods Groups

The 21 Day Fix Program is a program to be admired. It is quite flexible, and thus you won’t feel restricted when it comes to getting your meals prepared. If you are into this program, you are highly encouraged to eat foods that have been approved. Fortunately, the list of these approved food is extensive, and there is a high chance that you will find your favorite foods in the list. These foods are low in calories, and they have high nutritional value. For this reason, they will guarantee you a healthy lifestyle while helping you to lose weight. Here are some examples of the 21 Day Fix approved foods:


1. Vegetables

Apparently, the largest container is the green container. This is expected, especially because vegetables offer the highest nutrients. In an effort to improve your overall health, the 21 Day Fix strives to improve your veggies consumption. You can be allowed to add another green container if you develop hunger cravings in the course of the day. There is always the hope that you will develop interest in eating vegetables. Examples of veggies that you will find on the list are squash, kales, eggplants, sprouts, and asparagus.

2. Fruits

The purple container containing fruits is almost as big as the green container. Fruits contain important vitamins such as Vitamin C; no wonder the 21 Day Fix highly encourages their consumption. The 21 Day Fix, however, does not encourage the consumption of sugary fruits that are high in calories and low in nutrients. Examples of approved fruits include oranges, mango, watermelon, figs, and berries.

3. Proteins

Proteins play an important role in building the tissues in your body. These tissues include your hair, muscles, and collagen. The proteins found on the 21 Day Fix approved foods caters for the non-meat eaters and meat eaters alike. Examples of protein foods found on the approved foods are turkey, sardines, wild game, eggs, yogurt, chicken, tempeh, and tofu.

4. Carbohydrates

The 21 Day Fix acknowledges the fact that carbohydrates are important in supplying the body with energy, and thus it promotes the consumption of healthy starches and carbs. You will find foods such as yams, barley, cereal oats, potatoes, and other foods. When you are into the 21 Day Fix program don’t expect to come across treated foods and any other unhealthy sources of carbs on the approved food list.

5. Healthy fats

Provided we consume healthy fats, we should not be worried about the implications of fats in our bodies. The 21 Day Fix program allows consumption of healthy fats such as cheese, nuts, and avocados.

6. Oils

There are a variety of oils that you can use to prepare your foods. These oils include olive oils, walnut oils, and seed butters. Unlike butter, oil have no implications whatsoever.

7. Seeds and Dressings

The 21 Day Fix allows you to use seeds and dressings such as pumpkin seeds, olives, and peanuts to improve the taste of your food.

8. Extra flavors

The 21 Day Fix Program also allows you to add additional flavors to your foods such as herbs, garlic, hot sauce, spices, and ginger.

There is no doubt that the 21 Day Fix is a good program. If you intend to follow this program and achieve great results, it is advisable that you stick to the program’s approved foods.

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