21 Day Fix Restaurant Guide

No matter how much you are into the 21 Day Fix Program, a single trip to a restaurant can literally throw everything into chaos. If you are forced by circumstances to eat out, the chances are that you are undecided as to whether to carry your containers or not. Carrying your containers with you to a restaurant is a real hassle, but do you have an option? Well, you do. Here is a simple guide that you can use whenever you eat out. This guide will see you stick to the 21 Day Fix Program without any problem.


1. Check out a restaurants full menus before you leave for the restaurant

It is advisable that you check out for the full menus of the restaurant you intend to eat in. This way, you can always plan in advance what to eat, and hence, you will be able to make informed food choices. You can always find the full menus of a restaurant online, so there is no need for you to go to the restaurant. As you go through the online menus, remember to have your nutritional plan with you as this is the only way you are going to make a good choice.

2. If need be, choose another restaurant

If you cannot find the menu options that you are looking for, feel free to choose another restaurant. If you, however, choose to eat foods that you know are not good for your health, you will be taking several strides backwards.

3. Always choose water as you main drink

When you go out, always choose water as the main drink. And if water is boring to you, you can ask for lime or sliver of lemon to give it some tang. You can also go with sparkling water if you need extra taste. Although red wine is allowed, you need to stay away from shots and cocktails. Avoid beer, mixed drinks, and soda as much as you can because they will add calorie.

4. Read the eating plan book

There is an eating plan that comes with the 21 Day Fix Program. Read it! If you can turn to page seventy-one of your eating plan book, you will come across a full topic dedicated to eating out at restaurants. This topic is extremely helpful when it comes to eating out on restaurants and the worst thing you can do is to not to read this book.

5. Splurge once in a while

The 21 Day Fix program acknowledges the need to indulge your cravings once in a while. However, it is highly advisable that you cater your cravings only at home because it is the only place where you can moderate the amount of calories that you take in. Never, at any given point, should you splurge at a restaurant. This is because when you splurge at a restaurant, you may end up going for a greasy, cheesy, or heavily battered meal.

6. Eat grilled chicken sandwiched

When you eat out on a restaurant, consider eating a grilled chicken sandwiched, but remember to tell those serving you not to add any sauces.

There are many instances when we are forced to eat out on restaurants. If you are following the 21 Day Fix Program, it can be challenging for you to eat out. However, with the above tips, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

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