21 Day Fix Containers in Details

If you already have the 21 Day Fix Program, you should have the official portion control containers. These containers go along with the program, so it is advisable that you check whether your package has these containers. Most people find it extremely hard to figure out the ideal portion control in the 21 Day Fix Program. In order to put this problem to an end once and for all, 21 Day Fix containers were created. Here is an in-depth explanation of these types of containers:


1. The green container

This container is specifically meant for vegetables, which can either be sliced, diced, or cooked raw. Some few examples of these vegetables include spinach, squash, Romaine lettuce, mushrooms, and bell peppers. If you need to make a salad using lettuce, ensure that you squash the lettuce to get voluminous salad.

2. The red container

This container is meant for protein. Fill it with fish, chicken, red meat, tofu, Greek yogurt, eggs, etc. Feel free to choose your favorite proteins from the long list in the 21 Day Fix Fitness Program.

3. The purple container

This container is absolutely meant for fruits. Fruits such as berries, grapes, and cherries can perfectly fit into this container, and thus, there is no need to chop them. However, for larger fruits such as watermelon, you need to chop them into smaller pieces before putting them into the container.

4. The yellow container

This container is meant for starches and carbs. Therefore, if you have foods such as rice, beans, yams, and whole-grain pasta, consider putting them into this container. Not all foods, however, will fit perfectly into this container. For instance, foods such as bread or tortilla do not fit into this container, and you need to ascertain the correct portion size that will fit into the container. You can refer to your 21 Day Fix Guidebook if you are not sure of the appropriate portion sizes.

5. The blue container

This container is meant for healthy fats. As such, feel free to put cheese, nuts, hummus, or mashed avocado into this container.

6. The orange container

The orange container is for dressings as well seeds. Apparently, it is the smallest container, and it is used to store calorie-dense foods such as coconut, salad dressings, and seeds. There are many 21 Day Fix salad dressings, so consider checking them out. Note that you can prepare these dressings ahead of time and then store them in a fridge.

7. The teaspoon

This is meant for butters and oils. Since your containers does not come with a teaspoon, you will need to use your own. These containers are meant for yummy things such as coconut oils and butters, so always feel free to put them inside. While it is true that these containers need to be full, they should not be so full that closing the lid becomes impossible.

The importance of understanding the 21 Day fix Program containers cannot be overstressed; you need to know what to store and what not to in these containers. The above is an in-depth explanation of the 21 Day Fix containers and what each container can store. Hopefully, it is going to give you more insights.

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