Eating plan

21 Day Fix Eating Plan Detailed

Just like other beach-body diets, the 21 Day Fix Program requires you to put an effort when it comes to eating. The 21 Day Fix is more than just a workout plan—it is a nutritional plan too! However, let us be honest here. If you cannot devote your entire life to learn a new diet, then you cannot get the best form the 21 Day Fix Eating plan. It is that simple.

The 21 Day Fix Nutritional plan

If you are planning on shedding some few pounds, work out is crucial. However, note that 72% of your results will definitely come from your diet. And by diet, it is not just about vegetables and other crazy diets; rather, it is about having a variety of foods and—most importantly—consuming meals that you enjoy.

While strict diets are no fun and definitely hard to stick to, some sacrifices are just necessary. However, getting involved in some pleasures once in a while is a good way to keep your motivation levels high.

With the different sizes and colors of containers, it is pretty easy to know how much to eat as well as the type of foods to eat. To know the number of containers that you need every day, you need to know your target calories (it will be explained later).

Color coded containers and their sizes

Your 21 Day Fix Package will have:

· 1 Green container for vegetables

· 1 purple container for fruits

· 1 yellow container for carbohydrates

· 1 red container for proteins

· 1 shakeology cup for mixing drinks

· 1 blue container for cheeses and healthy fats

· 2 orange containers for dressings and seeds.

Note that you need to fill each container with their respective type of foods. Once you have all the containers, you will need to ascertain your daily calorie intake.

Target calories

Using the 21 Day Fix Program, it is actually possible for you to know your target calorie intake and hence the number of containers that you can use on a single day. Four different target calories ranges are usually used to ascertain your daily diet. Note that if your target calories is less than 1200, you need to stick to that target. However, if it exceeds 2300, then go with the 2300 target.


Remember that you don’t have to necessarily weigh what you are eating, neither do you have to write it down. Since you already know the type of food to eat every day, you just need to fill and eat them. As to which container to eat first, the decision is all yours! However, it is highly recommended that you eat at least three main meals a day.

Drinking water is good. It keeps you hydrated, and it has a crucial role to play in reducing your appetite between snacks or meals. In case you feel hungry in between meals, consider consuming green container (vegetables).

Planning your grocery list

Now that you already know the number of containers to use in your daily meals, you need to find out the exact products to use for each container. And while you have many options, it is advisable that you go for your favorites so that you can prepare tasty meals.

The 21 Day Fix Program is one of the best program out there. If you are to achieve significantly great results from this program, then you need to put more emphasis on the program’s eating plan.