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21 Day Fix Tips and Tricks

While most people hate working out, they all get a feeling of accomplishment after every workout, especially when they notice significant improvement. Let us be honest here. If people had other options that will help them get physically fit, most of them wouldn’t be working out. Although the 21 Day Fix Program entails working out, you only have to work out less, usually for thirty minutes. However, it is not a guarantee that this program will always give good results. Here are a couple of tricks and tips that will see you obtain good results with the 21 Day Fix Program:


1. Come up with a plan

The 21 Day Fix Program is well-laid out such that it is super easy to comprehend and follow. In case you’ll need to figure out the calorie bracket you fall in, there’s a calculation that is provided in this program. The importance of coming up with a meal plan cannot be overemphasized; it is what will keep you going.

You can always hope on Pinterest if you have no idea where to begin. Here, you will come across many ideas and meal plans that will see you through this program.

2. Shop and prep

There is no way you can start a week completely disorganized and expect to achieve great results. To be on the safe side, after you’ve come up with a meal plan, prepare a list of the foods you need and buy them. It is advisable that you prepare as much of these foods as you can before you start off the week.

3. Ensure that you sweat

While eating a portion of your meal plan is important, it is as crucial as working out. It doesn’t matter whether you are nervous to try some workouts, once you give a workout a try, all the nervousness you have will disappear. As you work out, always aim to sweat—it is for your own good.

4. Be part of a group

Apparently, there are many groups that you can join where many people post their meal plans, ideas, and many other tips. For instance, there is a group on Facebook called 21 Day Fix Recipe/Meal Swipe. When other individuals post their success stories on these groups, you get motivated to try out the program.

5. Make use of the tools

The 21 Day Fix Program provides you with containers, and they do this deliberately. To ensure that you are doing everything right, use the containers that you are provided with to measure your food. You can also find information on the number of containers to use at a time on documents available online. With time, however, you’ll know how your day will go and you will no longer need to keep count.

6. Drink your shakeology

Shakeology is a great way to get nutrients in. There is no doubt about that. It gives you energy, fills you up, and the best part? It is super quick and easy, making it ideal for people who are short on time.

The 21 Day Fix Program is a program that promises results in 30 days. If you are considering going for this program, the above tips and tricks will come in handy.